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stacked industrial oil storage totes

Our Product. Your Brand.

Whether developing a new brand or strengthening an existing brand, Ultrachem will handle all the details to ensure all of your private brand needs are met.

Build Exclusivity & Loyalty

Ultrachem is the perfect partner to help you offer something unique and distinct to your customer base. Utilizing our private branding program will allow you to separate yourself from competitors with a premium product offering in an exclusive package, promoting strong customer recognition, loyalty and potential market reach. Ultrachem will treat your marketing goals and brand identity with care, integrity and respect.

  • Increase and repeat sales
  • Reduced competition
  • Establish greater brand recognition
  • Product serves as a free calling card
  • Product exclusivity
  • Free advertising
  • 50+ years manufacturing experience
blue, white, and black quart and gallon oil containers

Quarts and Gallons

For smaller volume packaged demand, Ultrachem offers high-grade, HDPE F-style gallon and quart containers. Our bottles are extremely durable, easy to handle and built to hold a wide variety of lubricant types and viscosities. Gallons are sold in cases of (6) and quarts cases of (12), packaged in double-walled, heavy duty cardboard boxes for secure transport and storage.


  • Available in: White, Black, Blue
  • Closure: 28mm- Foil Seal Cap
  • Style: F-Style
  • Material: HDPE Material
  • 10"L x 14"W x 10.5"H (Case dimension, Sold in case of 12)


  • Available in: White, Black, Blue
  • Closure: 38mm- Foil Seal Cap
  • Style: F-Style
  • Material: HDPE Material
  • 16"L x 13"W x 12"H (Case dimension, Sold in case of 6)


Ultrachem utilizes new, premium-quality HDPE pails that offer a rugged and durable way to keep your products safe during transport and clean in storage. Our pail products are available in 5 gallon and 20-liter configurations with tearaway lids for easy removal or UN-rated lids for the best long-haul protection. All pails and lids are recyclable.

  • Available in: White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Gray,
  • Closure: UN Standard Lid
  • Style: Open head
  • Material: HDPE Material
  • 12"L x 12"W x 15"H
blue, white, and black oil pails
crated industrial oil tote


For higher volume requirements, UItrachem offers 275- and 330-gallon plastic IBC totes with a high-grade HDPE inner bottle and galvanized steel cage and base for extra stability. Our tote products are easy to dispense / refill, stackable to save space and provide a safe way to keep products available on-site.

  • Available in: Natural
  • Closure: 6" top cap/ 2" Valve
  • Style: IBC
  • Material: HDPE Material
  • 12"L x 12"W x 15"H


For 55-gallon product volumes, Ultrachem uses brand new drums manufactured from high-grade carbon steel, perfect for protecting products against harsh environments and contamination. Our steel drums offer strength, ease of filling / dispensing and are stackable to save space. HDPE poly drums are available on request.

  • Available in: Black, Gray, Green, & White
  • Closure: 6" top cap/ 2" Valve
  • Style: IBC
  • Material: HDPE/ Steel Cage
  • 48"L x 40"W x 53"H
blue, white, and black industrial oil drums

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